Cecile for Mrs. Anchelon

Cecile Velmans (1984) was born in Baarlo; a rural village in the South of the Netherlands. Although she enjoyed being surrounded by nature, she always felt more attracted to the city. At age 21 she moved to Amsterdam where she finished her University in Marketing Communications. As a globetrotter her happiest moments are in the air passing various oceans and continents. She starts her days with yoga and loves photography and art.

Chester Gibs

Chester Gibs

Chester has always had a fascination for traveling and art. Japan especially, is one of his favorite destinations. In 2002 he graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam in the Painting and Drawing department. The Scent of Travel is his first effort to share with you one of his other passions: Fragrance.

Diana Gacs

Diana Gacs

- Leave a little sparkle wherever you go! - Passionate. Inspiring. Blogging. Writing. Editing. Teaching. Making music. Born Hungarian. Cosmopolitan. Fascinated by cultures & people. Life lover. Travel much! Explore a lot! - Diana Gács -

Elise Luttik

Elise Luttik is an industrial designer and lives in Amsterdam. She loves dancing, traveling and of course designing. Her absolute passion is designing 3D-prints that make others happy. Take a look at her website www.eli5e.nl.

Mrs. Anchelon's guests

Mrs. Anchelon's guests are people who are sharing something interesting on a non-regular base. If you feel like you would like to share something on our website too, you can send an email to info@mrsanchelon.com and maybe your item will be featured!

Eva Kaan

Eva Kaan is the creator of this website and granddaughter of the real Mrs. Anchelon. Eva was born in 1984 in Amsterdam and is mother of Issabel. With a passion for lifestyle, travel, art, hometown Amsterdam and actually too many other things she knew she always wanted to share her passions with others. After graduating from The New School for Information Services, she made her dream come true.

Elisabeth for Mrs. Anchelon

Elisabeth for Mrs. Anchelon

Elisabeth Hagedoorn is a 28 year old girl living in Amsterdam and working in the fashion business. She is an online marketing manager for two online women clothing shops (louloufashion.com and secondfemalestore.com) and therefore always up to date about all the news in the fashion world. Maybe she’s not the most die-hard fashionista, but always busy with clothing, trends and other fashion stories which has been one of her passions since forever.

Susanne Verdonk

Susanne is currently residing in multiple cities around the world. Dubai is just one of the lucky ones. Wherever Susanne resides, she does so without the help of a husband or a cat. Her unlimited creativity, however, is with her wherever she goes. Susanne is the CEO of London Bureau Communications and Editorial Services, which caters for clients’ brand marketing, project planning, events management, journalism, editorial, and media needs. In her spare time, she writes, admires palm trees, dances and travels. Here you can read samples of her 'Dutchie In Dubai' collection.

Anna Szőke

Anna Szőke is a Makeup Artist and Founder of The Sparkling Blueberry beauty blog. Having previously lived and worked in Hungary and in The United Arab Emirates she is now based in The Netherlands (Amsterdam). Her passion towards beauty and makeup started in an early age and after she got her degree in Business Communication, she started to write for magazines such as Marie Claire or GLAMOUR. Anna is a big fan of natural beauty, and with her tutorials and articles she always aims to help women to enhance their original features rather than hide or cover them.

Kelly for Mrs. Anchelon

Kelly Grannetia is an orthomolecular therapist in training. After a lot of stomach problems, she discovered her intolerance for gluten. This forced her to become fully aware of her diet and awaked her passion for living a healthy life. She changed her lifestyle and started to feel extremely energetic, overjoyed and super fit. Wanting to share all of these positive feelings, she decided to write for Mrs. Anchelon. You can read her discoveries about food & health and her personal guidelines for living a happy and healthy life. Read, absorb, think, change and… Feel better! If you would like to contact Kelly directly for personal advice or for an appointment in her practice go to www.kellygrannetia.nl or email her info@kellygrannetia.nl

Layla for Mrs. Anchelon

Layla is an Amsterdam city girl who is currently studying Communication. She has a background in online marketing and has a passion for writing. In her spare time she is busy with staying in shape by running, working out and eating healthy. Another passion of her is the musicgenre techno which she follows around the globe.

Leonie Reuvers

Leonie Reuvers is 29 years old and living in Amsterdam for three years now. Her love for good food and cooking brought her throughout the city of Amsterdam. Discovering great restaurants and special places to buy your food. Feeling at home in the food labyrinth that is called Amsterdam, she decided it was time to share her discoveries and favorite recipes. Read, mouth water and be inspired...!

Stephanie Kuijs

Hi my name is Stephanie and im 28 years old. Last year i graduate on The New School. I studied Marketing and Communication Management. For the last 10 years I lived in Amsterdam, I really love this city. As a child I moved a lot. In the future Eva Kaan and I are going to work on her lifestyle website Mrs. Anchelon. I know Eva from school and I am very excited to work with her on Mrs. Anchelon. Love, Stephanie

Susanne Bender
Wieske Sevilla

Wieske Sevilla

Wieske Sevilla is a family physician and health coach living in Amsterdam. She believes that life should be awesome and that health should be fun. Her passion is to help people tap into their potential and create a healthy life style that is enjoyable and exciting. Wanting to share her passion and love for health she started writing about it at Mrs. Anchelon. If you would like to contact Wieske directly or read more of her writings visit her blog sicknessorhealth.com which is designed to help you take control over your health so you can be your best self and feel strong fit and energetic.

Yvonne van Vugt

Yvonne van Vugt

Yvonne van Vugt Short is a therapist and dental hygienist. She is married to Corné and proud mother of Lise. At Mrs. Anchelon she shares healthy tips. Take a look at her website: www.yvital.nl