Do you ever have those days? Where you really just want to hide yourself? Well I had one of those days… My skin is totally disrupted, pimples everywhere (and I have to admit, I skipped my Clarisonic ritual for a few days in a row) and dry on other spots. What is going on?!

Icing on the cake, I have some sort of allergic reaction on something I ate (or was is my new toothpaste?) which made my whole mouth look like the Sahara, a pink one. And you know you’re looking weird when your baker asks you whether you’ve done something with your lips… Looks weird and hurts lots, I feel blessed.

It’s just… I don’t want to complain, I know I look like shit. But when you put it all in perspective, it’s all not as bad as it looks like. I didn’t have to survive a journey across the sea, I didn’t have to escape from hunger or falling bombs, and I didn’t have to leave my country to try and save what is left. What I did have to ‘endure’ the last couple of days are heartbreaking images of children who were trying to escape from all of the above (and I’m not pointing at the allergic reaction).

blue sky behind two white and blue road signs on a metal mast with arrows to the right side showing the way to Asylum and Social Care. Social concept for immigration

Dear all, who are so massively sharing, liking and commenting on pictures of refugees; what have you done for them lately? Or let me ask you, what have you done for ME lately? If you feel like doing something, please don’t (only) share those pictures, but actually take action by donating something to Vluchtelingenwerk, by subscribing as a ‘foster family’ or contact ‘De Regenbooggroep’ (if you live in Amsterdam).

Please don’t just stand there, but do something for others. Today.