By Eva Kaan – We’ve got so much going on! Passed few days were crazy! We had an interview with Ian Hooglander of ‘De Droomkast’ which will be online next week, a small Mrs. Anchelon meeting with Layla Nanlohy and myself, a meeting with Du Cap restaurant and bar, two important calls about something I can’t really share with you yet, but can tell you I’m really exited! Chester Gibs called me with some great idea’s, Elisabeth Hagedoorn has some nice things coming up, it seems like everything is flowing in the right direction and my energy-level is beyond high.

Planning for coming week is also pretty full. Tomorrow evening a friend will help me out designing new business cards while I can enjoy his wife’s cooking (also available to order!). Couple of days later we’re going to the opening of a new restaurant. And having friends over from the other side of the world (Australia), and one of my best friends is getting married so we are arranging her bachelors party and I of course need to have a new dress… A Moroccan dress that is (suggestions are welcome in my inbox:!).

Hope you all still enjoy our website! Till soon. -XXX- Eva