They are incredibly cute, little innocent lion cubs. And in a lot of African countries you can pet them. And even better, they tell you they will be set free in the wild when they grow up and these petting-places breed lions to make sure they won’t extinct.

In Asian countries, you have something similar – elephant rides. I have to admit, I’ve done this myself when I wasn’t aware about the cruelty yet. Reality is, petting lions, elephant rides, stroking tigers and these kind of things… It’s terrible and it the true story might break your heart.

The lion cubs, yes they are being set free. These half tame animals who never learnt how to hunt are set free in a hunting lodge where people can shoot them in exchange for thousands of dollars. Of course other animals can be shot too, but killing lions is very popular amongst hunters and so they are bred. The petting-places are making double money by letting you pay to tame the lion and letting others pay to brutally kill it.

Elephant rides thailand

The Asian elephant is close to extinction, there are only about 2.000 of them left. Their number is declining because a loss of habitat, but also because of the large number of illegal captures. Why they are capturing these magnificent animals? To use them for your elephant ride…
Before you can actually ride an elephant, you have to tame it. And taming isn’t like taming a horse. It’s very brutal and can only be done with baby elephants. They have to ‘break their spirit’. They are stabbed and beaten and that’s what drives them to listen. An elephant never forgets… I haven’t watched it myself (I can’t handle it), but if you want you can watch this video to see how it’s done.

The real king of the jungle, the tiger is also a sad story. I’ve seen a lot of my friends posing with a tiger, stroking them as if they are a cat. Well no. These large cats are taken away from their mothers way too young to start training. Also beaten up and caged for most of the day. Some tigers are even drugged to keep them calm when tourists come over to make pictures. Do you wish to be part of this process?

Please friends and readers… Think twice when it comes to ‘animal fun’ and share this message with others to prevent them from the same mistake I made.

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