By Kololo Game Reserve Rangers – Two rangers from Kololo Game Reserve share their game drive experiences with us.

A Game Drive on Kololo – by Lynette Fourie

It’s always exiting to go on a Game Drive on Kololo. There are many different animals to view on Kololo. From the tall giraffe to the small klipspringer. To me the Kudu is still one of the most beautiful antelopes. The male in this picture above is particularly stunning. With his massive horn he is a force to be reckoned with. Big, healthy and strong, he is surely the prince of Kololo!


 Why I love Lions – by Leon de Wit

Lions, also known as  “The King of the Jungle”, but this is actually not their home. They are the most social big cat in the world and only live on the savannah, woodlands and desert biomes of Africa. Due to their strong social bonds in the pride, they are the most dominant predator in Africa.

As in every pride there is one dominant male in the southern pride of Welgevonden Game Reserve. With his black mane, massive paws and fearless attitude he epitomises the African lion image.


One day on a morning game drive we encountered the Southern Pride casually walking down the road. A couple of playful males, their youth evident in their short manes, were fighting and playing as they walked along. With the big male walking at the end. We managed to get right next to him as they changed direction at a junction in the road. Walking right in front of us we could see him in full glory, What a beast! As he walked on he showed no interest in the playing youngsters.

As the lions disappeared into the long grass, they surprised me once again by being beautiful and savage at the same time.


A special thanks to Kololo Game Reserve for sharing their experience! If you’d like to visit Kololo, you can fly to Johannesburg. From Amsterdam, KLM has a direct flight available. You can check the options here. The staff of Kololo hopes to welcome you soon!