Tinder is hot. Lexa is hot. Pepper is hot. Online dating is the new way to meet your partner. Although we probably all prefer to meet our prince (or princess) charming in a fabulous romantic way, so you’re able to share the story with your family and friends (and eventually your children)… The truth is most of us meet each other in a not so romantic setting.

A lot of my friends are dating online in various ways, and I love to hear the stories after they actually met them. My friend S, who’d been chatting to a girl for about 2 weeks: “Seriously Eva, you’ve never heard a sound like that!” The poor woman had a terrible voice and besides that, her appearance wasn’t really as shown on the pictures. Yes, online dating can be a disappointment.


And then there was Glimps. And app for online daters with balls. Why? Because Glimps works with video. Yes… Moving images and sound, for you to get a better picture of the person you’d like to get to know better. Perhaps the awkwardness doesn’t really disappear, but shifts to the moment you film yourself. But let’s be honest, I’d rather have the awkward moment in my own house where I’m able to delete my video, than on that first date.

Glimps was found by Niels Dijkstra (24), who sort of created Glimps for his mom. She confessed to her son she’d been dating online for a while and had the ‘how-can-I-sneak-away-asap’ feeling on quite some of her dates. Niels came up with the solution to start ‘Glimpsing’ to get to know someone better before you date them. Check out an example video here.

Feel like you want to try Glimps? It’s available in the App Store of via Android and it’s free! Happy Glimpsing, can’t wait to hear your stories!

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