Everyone knows women love jewelry. We just simply can’t have enough rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings… Big plus, it’s a trend to wear lots and lots of them, so we sort of have an excuse to spend half of our salary on it. Right?

Me wearing my Je suis Jolie's

Only one little problem, we don’t want to wear the same ones as our friends. You can spend a lot of money on a one of a kind piece from a designer at an expensive shop. Personally, I made my own for years, I went to the bead-shop, bought some beads and spent hours  beading them. The result was quite nice, but for the busier amongst us, Mrs. Anchelon found the perfect solution: Je suis Jolie. This online shop sells a lot of cute accessories and to top things off, they also sell one of a kind earrings!

Lucky for us, Je suis Jolie is now giving away a beautiful pair of earrings to one of our readers. Would you like to win this? Go to Mrs. Anchelon’s facebook page, LIKE & SHARE the picture, follow Je suis Jolie on facebook and on the 1st of April we will announce the winner!

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