By Confashions by Mary – Now that fall is really starting to show itself we have to start preparing our wardrobe for colder days. And of course a winter wardrobe cannot be complete without having the perfect winter coat. One of the trends spotted in winter-coat-land has to be the oversized jacket. The oversized jacket was already spotted during Fall/Winter 2013, but this winter it will be more popular than ever before. It is perhaps because the oversized jacket complements well with the Boyish look that is currently trendy among us. We see a lot of women wearing ripped boyfriend jeans and comfy sneakers on the streets and so the oversized jacket matches well with this trend. But how should we actually wear this jacket? And more importantly, how do we wear this boyfriend jacket, without being a copy of our actual boyfriend.. ? Here are some do’s and don’ts when wearing this jacket..!


Don’t overdo it
The oversized trend can be very appealing especially because it is such a comfortable look! But we have to be careful not to hide our entire body inside all those big clothes. So when you have decided to wear the jacket I would advise to keep the rest of your outfit more feminine. Wear leggings or skinny jeans to show those feminine legs or wear a (waist) skirt or dress underneath your jacket to show some of your curves! Don’t wear loose jogging pants or sweaters unless you want to look like a boy. If you are wearing the jacket unbuttoned you have all possibilities to give a sneak-peak of your outfit underneath your jacket and those sexy curves..

Pick the right colors and accessories
The oversized jacket will already be more feminine when choosing a soft pastel color like pink, white or baby blue. Add a printed scarf with flowers or a tight blouse underneath your jacket and when you are wearing the jacket with a skirt wear a waist belt to focus attention on your middle, the thinnest part of your body.


Size matters
When you are not model-length tall, it is possible that you will drown inside an oversized jacket. It is therefore advisable to pick a less-oversized model, or buy a regular fitted wool coat, but only one size bigger. Too add some length spice it up with some sexy heels, the higher the better! Taller women can more easily wear a more oversized coat, but remember to add some feminine touch!

I hope these advises will help you to rock your oversized coat and be super feminine!

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