By Eva Kaan – Us Dutch people have a lot to be proud of, our national football team (although they sadly lost from Argentina during the Worldcup last night), windmills, our beautiful landscape and a lot of talented painters like van Gogh and Rembrandt. But what you probably didn’t know is that we also have a gorgeous young lady to be proud of!


Bodine Koehler Peña was born in Amsterdam and has a Dutch father and a Dominican mother. At age 9 she moved to Puerto Rico with her parents, where a lot of her mothers relatives live. In 2012, she became Miss Puerto Rico. Don’t need to explain that this tall lady will make your eyes blink…

I spoke to Bodine on a drizzly Wednesday in Amsterdam. I picked her up with my car (we had to put back the chair a bit for her incredible long legs!) nearby Leidseplein and went to Du Cap for a drink and a delicious chocolate brownie.


Don’t you think that English, Dutch and Spanish speaking Bodine’s dreams end with modeling, she has has quite some plans for the future. “I’m currently working on my first single and I’m very exited!”, says Bodine while drinking a mint tea, “I met a lot of different people in the music industry, and this just feels right to me.”

And no, she’s not giving up modeling. “I enjoy both! Winning the Miss Puerto Rico title opened a lot of doors for me, although I was also a bit disappointed about the lack of guidance. Thankfully I always had my parents to help me.”


Bodine commutes between Puerto Rico, Miami and Amsterdam at the moment. “I love being with my family, but my work is currently mostly in Miami because of the music I’m working on. Traveling is just part of my model-life as well. I’ve been in Capetown for a month recently and Ibiza for a short period. Also Italy and/or London is a part of my plan in the near future. All depending on my work.”


Bodines first single is expected to be out somewhere end of August. We suggest that you keep an eye on this beauty! If you’ve gotten curious about her, please follow her on instagram. See you soon Bodina and thank you so much for your time.