After a five day trip to London I think I may say that healthy food is hard to find in that city. That is why we were so incredibly happy to bump into Halfcup, a small lunchroom/restaurant that serves delicious coffee, sandwiches and other homemade things.


We went to Halfcup twice and both times I ordered a sandwich with avocado and Harry a salmon sandwich with scrambled eggs. My sandwich also had a sort of tomato salad on the side. I don’t like tomato’s, but this was delicious. I tried to figure out what was exactly in it, because I’d love to make it at home as well.


The staff was amazing, laid-back and friendly. I assume this breakfast/lunchroom is a family business, at least it looked like the staff members were well-attunted.


The sandwiches and coffee were a perfect breakfast for us. From Halfcup it’s only a couple of minutes walk to Kings Cross/St. Pancras station, where you can take several trains and tubes into London. From there you can also easily go The Regent’s Park, one of our other favorite places to sit down and relax!


Halfcup is situated on 100-102 Judd Street, WC1H 9NT, London. Have you ever been to London? Have you discovered places where they serve healthy food in London (for an acceptable price!)? Please share it with us in the comments below. I’f you’d like to book a trip to London, check out KLM’s website!