Every holiday, there are some memorable moments that will dominate the conversation if you speak to anyone who witnessed that moment. ‘Remember when this and this happened?’ On our holiday in Suriname, a Hindu looking woman surely gave us a remembrance like that.

My dad joined us in Suriname for a few days, and we wanted to show him a nice Surinamese market on the outskirts of Paramaribo. Due to the heavy traffic, the car journey took quite a while. Luckily the market was worth it, with lovely Surinamese food and exotic fruit.


We walked back to our car where the Hindu looking woman was clearly following us. When we got in the car, she just stood still at the corner of the street. For some reason, our car didn’t start and we all got out the car again.

My boyfriend went looking for someone who could help us, my dad waited near the car and I sat down on a big pile of bricks. The woman approached me and asked me whether I was okay. I explained our car broke down and we were stuck. She started telling me a story about her cheating husband leaving her with 4 kids, whilst she kept looking at my dad.

suriname broken car paramaribo

And then it happened. “I just need a bakra in my life. A bakra like that”, she was pointing at my dad (-bakra means ‘white man’-). I was flabbergasted. “Is he available?” I stumbled that he was my dad and that he was already happily married to my mother for over 40 years. Still not convinced by my reply, she gave another flirty look at my father, who was still totally ignorant of this event and kindly smiling back.

I tried saving my plea by stating that white men aren’t different to other men, and the chance to run into a wrong man is equally divided. The woman eagerly wanted to go into this debate when my boyfriend came running over saying he fixed the car. He gave me and the woman a funny look and said: “Let’s go!”. I said goodbye to the woman and was happy to sit in the airconditioned car again.

I love Suriname sign - Paramaribo

“Why do you look so startled?” my father asked. “We almost lost you to this woman” I joked and started to explain what had happened.

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