Sugar is becoming the public enemy number one. And although The Netherlands is doing well compared to other European countries (according to the figures), we still need to be careful with the amount of sugar we eat.

About 1 out of 10 children between 4-20 are (moderate to very) overweight. When we pass 20, overweight is overtaking. Overal there obesity-rate rises up to 41%, that’s 6,5 million people in The Netherlands only. I think that’s quite a lot…

the size of stomach of children with overweight.

Of course sugar isn’t causing all of this, and of course there are overweight people with a healthier lifestyle than people with a ‘normal’ weight. But eating lot’s of sugar is a risk factor for obesity. Recently I found out how many sugar cubes are in our food, and I wanted to share it with you.

Coca-cola being a sugar bomb wasn’t new to me (about 10 cubes), but a so called ‘healthy sports drink’ as AA tops everything with 16 cubes. What also truly surprised me is that an apple equals 6 cubes, and a bunch of carrots equals only 1. Pack of raisins? 7! Banana? 5,5.

Healthy Eating, Candy, Healthy Lifestyle.

Of course you shouldn’t stop eating fruit because it has quite a lot of sugar in it (as fruit has a lot of health benefits!), but maybe you do want to check your daily dose of soda and biscuits. For the whole list, check Sugar Stacks!

For now, we wish you a lot of sweetness and a healthy lifestyle! 

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Please note that this article was written from a personal perspective. Sugar alone doesn’t cause obesity, but items with a high sugar level are mostly stuff you ‘can’t stop eating’. Sugar is sort of addictive, and therefor you should minimize it. 

(Sources used for this article: Sante (March 2015), CBS, Eurostat, Sugar Stacks)