By Susanne Bender (Bag at You) – A dream came true and I have to admit that I had the best time of my life! I experienced ultimate freedom and traveled like I had never traveled before. I just returned from a five-week adventure in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. Last week Eva and I chit chatted about this big trip and she asked me whether I enjoyed the food. Although these countries are not really famous for their cuisine, I have to admit that I had some great meals. I therefore want to share with your my personal top 5 restaurants in those countries.

Bag at You - Oh Lala Playa del Carmen

My number one dinner experience was at Oh Lala, an international cuisine in Playa del Carmen (Mexico). The chef and owner, George, started his career 20 years ago in the Netherlands. His passions go out to travelling and food so after he visited many countries, he settled in Playa del Carmen to start this restaurant offering a great culinary experience in a warm and cozy atmosphere. Our night was truly divine and we enjoyed the tuna foccacia, lemon-garlic shrimp & scallops skewers and butter soy tuna steak (check the menu here)! And the best of all: they have the best Oh Lala – Passion Fruit – Cocktails!

Gracia Cocina de Autor - Guatemala

In Guatemala City we were pleasantly surprised at Gracia Cocina de Autor. This was the only restaurant we had to made a reservation for during our trip and we were very happy we did! The restaurant was packed with people but the waiters remained super friendly and helpful. We enjoyed the black risotto with seafood, the steak with foie gras and apple sauce and the chocolate fondant as dessert (all to share). It was absolutely delicious and well presented & this was just the perfect spot to conclude our holiday!

Don Mucho hotspot

Somewhere in the jungle of Mexico, near the former Maya capital called Palenque, we found a great but simple restaurant named Don Mucho. The atmosphere was vibrant and lively, the service was great and the food was basic but very tasteful. My boyfriend had the tortellini con salsa de pesto and I had the (super) spicy shrimp pasta. We ordered a few corona’s more and watched salsa dancing and the fire show, all performed the local Mexicans.

Bag at You Hemingway

At Tulum (Mexico) we found out really soon that we could find the best food at Hemingway Romantic Resort. This little restaurant, right on the beach, was everything we wanted: romantic, quiet, great service and exquisite seafood!

Belizean Flavas

When we arrived at Caye Caulker, one of the most beautiful islands of Belize, we immediately noticed the indescribable relaxed atmosphere. Equally we accidentally found this basic restaurant, Belizean Flavas, and went there twice in three days! My boyfriend said that this spot served the best lobster he had ever tasted in his life. And indeed, the lobster was heavenly, as well as the grilled snapper!

So these places are my top 5 spots to go for dinner in Mexico, Belize or Guatemala! If you are planning to go (and I can strongly recommend you to do so) you can contact me at any time (via if you want any other inside information!