By Eva Kaan – Every week, we ask someone some simple questions about themselves and about their connection with our capital Amsterdam. Some respondents are born and raised Amsterdam residents, but also new-bee’s and outsiders are being questioned by Mrs. Anchelon!

This week, I’ll start off with myself, to give the ones that don’t know me very well a chance to get to know me a bit more.

– Who’s talking?
I’m Eva Kaan, 30 years old (OMG I just typed 27 first, don’t know where that came from!). I work for myself a.k.a. Mrs. Anchelon. I’m mother of Issabel who’s now 2 y.o.


– Born and raised or just a simple connection?
Born on the Prinsengracht and raised in the Vondelstraat. Travelled a lot, but no intensions of moving out of my hometown!

ziekenhuis OLVG prinsengracht

– Your current hood?
I currently live in the notorious Staatsliedenbuurt, but moving to the city centre somewhere soon. I’ll surely miss my old hood, but I’m happy to know I’ll live closer to my parents.


– Can you share an early memory about Amsterdam with us?
When I was young, I really enjoyed coming home from holiday and driving on the Overtoom. Altough I think it’s one of the most ugliest streets of Amsterdam, it really gave me butterflies in my belly. I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world that I’m .. You get the idea….

– Best hangout(s) in town?
There’re a lot of good hangouts in Amsterdam, but I love Coffee Plaza in the Jan Pieter Heijestraat and their salmon sandwich. With my daughter, I really enjoy going to Artis. As an ‘Amsterdammer’ with a kid, I have an annual ticket and I think every parent should have one.


– Car, public transport or bike?
I personally prefer to travel by bike. Easy, fast, healthy. I try to avoid public transport, but sometimes you just simply can’t. My car is more of an item that just stands there in case of extreme rain or cold.


– Favorite place outside of Amsterdam?
It’s hard to choose my favorite place outside of Amsterdam, and that’s why I’m choosing two. Ibiza, because I always stay with my ‘second mom’ Janono and brother from another mother Yannick. I also learnt a lot of life lessons there and always had a terrific time on that funny little island. Second choice is Tub Tim on Ko Samed in Thailand. I think that’s where I’ve been most happy and relaxed in my life (that’s probably why I keep going back there…). I must have a thing with islands I guess.


– Tell us something we don’t know?
Well, weird thing to say, but I’m really fascinated by prostitutes. Say what?! Yes. I’m amazed by them and I think it’s such a weird phenomenal that they’re standing behind the windows. Although I grew up in Amsterdam and have seen them very often, I keep feeling a sort of embarrassed looking at them. And now I immediately doubt whether I should actually share this… But HEY, it’s part of our main tourist attraction!

– Anything else?
Hope you liked this kick-off interview! Let me know if you’d like to be interviewed or know someone we should really get to know… info @ or just comment below!

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