It’s always a good feeling to come home. But yesterday, coming home was quite a challenge. Besides the 6 hour time difference, we endured a 25 degrees temperature difference. And 25 degrees difference is a lot… In combination with a jetlag; killer!


The first day at home felt like a major constant hangover, luckily day 2 feels a lot better.
We went on a three week holiday to Suriname and Curacao, three amazing weeks of sun, swimming, laughter and happiness. And of course there is a lot to share on the website!


You can expect two swimming pool reviews in Suriname, my top 3 most irritating things in Su, how my father was ‘seduced’ by Hindu woman, my favorite beaches on Curacao, my all-time favorite sushi place in Curacao and a lot more.


Altogether we had an incredible time with family and friends. We’re thankful for the hospitality of the people we stayed with, especially Swiet Djaarie and family Douglas. Be ready for the three weeks of silence to be broken, because Mrs. Anchelon is back in business with a lot of new stories and information.