Our holiday in Suriname was an amazing experience. With lovely people, beautiful nature and a lot of culture to explore. And although I’m not really fond of Surinamese food, I enjoyed some delightful traditional dishes. Of course meeting some family of my boyfriend was one of the highlights too.

But, there were three things that were really repugnant to me. The first one is the traffic in and around Paramaribo. I’ve never been in so many traffic jams on such a short distance. Driving to town, around 10 km distance from where we were staying, would easily take us 1 hour. Totally insane!

Paramaribo Suriname

Second. What’s up with the Chinese supermarkets in Suriname? Seems like they have the exclusive right to own one. I have nothing against Chinese people, but it’s just really peculiar… These Chinese don’t speak Dutch, if you’re lucky they speak a little Sranang (Surinamese language) and forget about speaking English.
Besides owning supermarkets, the Chinese own dozens, maybe even hundreds, of ‘fashion’ shops. It made me wonder who would actually buy those clothes. Suriname only has close to 600.000 inhabitants  and little less than half of them live in Paramaribo.

Suriname Paramaribo

Third and surely not least of the irritations is all the junk thrown along the side of the road. The roads are equipped with a lot of signs that kindly ask people not to throw their stuff out of their window, but clearly no one ever reads it or -even worse- just doesn’t care.


With tourism and population increasing, these three ‘irritations’ will get worse if no action is taken. The roads should be improved, the government should really put question marks at the quantity of new Chinese inhabitants and the people of Suriname should stop polluting their incredibly beautiful country.

This being said, I do really advise all of you to visit Suriname for a holiday, because luckily the good still exceeds the bad. Please also read the review of Jacana Resort and the other items you can expect about our trip.