By Eva Kaan – I have to admit, being a mom is totally different than I expected it to be. We headed off with a rough start, my daughter cried a lot (I mean a lotttt!) and that made me feel really insecure about my mom-hood. Besides that, I felt like MTV-series Teen-mom sometimes. Compared to other moms in Amsterdam I was ‘young’, or at least, younger and I could sometimes actually relate to the drama that was going on in the series.

voteinstyleThe little smurf wouldn’t leave the house without her sunglasses!

My daughter is now 2 years old, and I just became 30 this year, if you compare it to the Dutch avarage, I was just a little underneath the ‘normal’ age of having kids (which is 29,5). Being 30 I’m glad I already have a child when I see some of my girlfriends struggling with the ‘I’m-getting-old’-issue. I’m 30, I feel better then ever about myself (sorry!), I have a fabulous daughter and all my twenty-something problems have vanished. Love my life.

kochang1Babygirl and me on Koh Chang, Thailand

Sometimes I miss my freedom. When other friends can still spontaniously go out and have nights they’ll never forget, a lot of my evenings are filled with too much TV-series and cookies. Luckily I have some loyal friends and great parents who grant me some me-time that I eagerly use. Hereby, thank you for that.

tubtim3generationsThree generations in Thailand

I expected it to be fun to be a mom. But I never expected it to be so joyfull, so lovely, warm, amazing and actually not explicable. My daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me.

eva-kaan-mrsanchelon-issabel-ponsthis picture was made and added on 27-9-14
Pons, Issabel and me

I love going to the ‘kippenspeeltuin’ with her, visiting Artis together, having lunch at the Vondelpark and discovering Amsterdam with her in a mommy-way. And of course I enjoy travelling around with her as you can see on the pictures!

experimental-beach-mrsanchelon-ibiza-eivissaIssabel and me on Ibiza

I wish all the moms and moms-to-be the same experience. And the dad’s of course too. -XXX- Eva