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About the website
Mrs. Anchelon was founded by Eva Kaan, granddaughter of the real Mrs. Anchelon. Eva wanted to share her passions in life with others and a blog/online magazine was the perfect way to do so. Mrs. Anchelon was first launched on the 1st of January 2014.

Within a year, Mrs. Anchelon gained more then 5.000 followers on various social media channels and grew our to be more then just a hobby. Today, Mrs. Anchelon has several regular guest writers and visitors and followers are increasing every day.

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About Mrs. Anchelon
Anna Paulina Francina Anchelon was born on the 13th of September 1918 in Amsterdam. ‘Ans’ lived an eventful life, with some unfortunate tragedies in it as well. Short told Ans’ mother died when she was just a little girl. In her 20s her Jewish fiance was betrayed by her boss and murdered in one of the concentration camps during the second world war. After the war she married Frederik Nicolaas Kaan, they moved to Indonesia and had two children together. In her 60s, she was diagnosed with ALS and bravely chose for euthanasia when the disease became unbearable.
Despite all the setbacks, Ans always stayed a positive person and became an inspiration to her sons, husband, family and friends.

Ans & Dolf before the war