For fashion addicts, like myself, with a liking for a broad range of different styles and the characteristic of finding it difficult to make choices, it’s going to be a tough (read expensive) fashion season. So many different trends and styles this season and… I like them all and I want it all….. To name a few; Denim de Luxe, Gladiator style, Romantic Boho Style, Modern Seventies, Rainbow Color Palette, Fairy Tale Sheer Panels, Black & White, Shirt Dresses, Culottes, Head-to-Toe White and Kimono style Trench Coats.

To start with one of my favorites: Denim de Luxe! The designers at Fashion Week, from New York to London to Milan to Paris, took jeans to an entirely new level. From vintage ripped jeanswear the designers have moved to a more sophisticated and chic style. We see amongst others very light or just very dark denim tones, stylish blazers, day to evening dresses and ankle length skirts. All très chique; denim is now officially appropriate everywhere and anywhere! I have personally fallen in love with the beautiful denim pieces from fair trade brand Kiss and Tell. They have created a combination of a silk and denim fabric which is comfy, classy and raw at the same time. Very suitable for the office but combined with a pair of killer heels also perfect for a night out. Kiss and Tell denim collection

Also the Seventies are back this summer! Modern seventies as well as fringes, swirls, suede, flowers, bright colors and tons of embellishment are the key words for this trend. From Saturday night fever to hippy deluxe, anything is possible. I prefer the more romantic and bohemian seventies style; flowers, floaty skirts and bikini’s under a tank top or kimono. It all just breaths summer, fun and happiness. Especially with the festival season coming up you will find a lot of this style in stores now. But definitely don’t think that you need to wait for holiday or festival season to wear it! Just combine your bohemian dress with a warm woolen cardigan, a denim, jacket or a pair of suede over the knee boots to keep you warm.

You love this style? Then make sure you have at least some basic items in your wardrobe such as a bohemian long summer dress, a suede or denim hot pants and a kimono with fringes . We have selected some beautiful and affordable pieces from Only, Mango and Zara for you!

Boho style

Then there is the Taste the Rainbow inspired style which reminds me a lot of previous years color blocking trend. The colors are abundant, bright and fruity and soft sorbet tones can be combined with striking neon. Indeed the fashion world could use some psychedelic inspiration after a winter season with the palest pastels and deepest shades of noir. But remember; wear with care. Unlike the Boho style which can endlessly be combined and is never over the top, this trend is easily overdone. Go for one rainbow item at a time and keep the rest of your outfit simple! French Connection and Ted Baker as well as River Island have some beautiful colorful items in their summer collections.

Rainbow fashion trend

To make your shopping life a bit easier we will give you a few more summer trend shopping tips! For culottes and palazzo pants you need to be at Zara. For Fairy Tale pastels, lace and flowers you might be suprised to find some very nice and affordable dresses at Steps, for the ‘big spender’ check also by Malene Birger. For the Bohemian seventies look you will certainly succeed at River Island and the Amsterdam based shop Gesponnen Suiker (no webshop unfortunately). For the more modern seventies style check out the collection of Edith and Ella. For Denim de Luxe pieces and shirt dresses we recommend Kiss and Tell and Mango. Hopefully this helps a bit to find your way in this seasons fashion jungle!

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